Nick Horrell Composer and Pianist

Nick Horrell: Composer & Pianist

Changed Priorities Ahead

Nick has been writing music since 2003. His most accomplished work to date is an album of classical piano music called ‘Changed Priorities Ahead.’ Fifty five minutes of uplifting melodic piano tracks.

Since then he has branched out into compositions of electronica incorporating elements of rap, jazz and classical piano.

As a successful video producer running his own edit suite as part of his company, NH Communications Limited, he has put himself in the ideal position to write tracks for videos commissioned by his company’s clients. Samples from these works can be found by clicking here

If you would like to contact Nick about any aspect of his music production or are interested in receiving a copy of his CD then email Nick at

1. Preludeplay track2. Danceplay track3. Riverplay track4. Open Spaceplay track5. Night Soundplay track6. Starlightplay track7. The Flightplay track8. Remembranceplay track9. Fallingplay track10. The Snowplay track Get Flash

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